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Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking? A Conspiracy Theory Going Viral On TikTok

Reviewed by: Tracy Huff
Fact Checked by: Paula Quinon

Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?
Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?

Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking? Read to know more. A conspiracy theory has been going viral on TikTok, claiming that the online gambling service Roobet is involved in human trafficking. This claim was first made by user @tythecrazyguy in a series of videos, where he suggests that Roobet is using “slaves” as dealers and croupiers.

While this has sparked debate among viewers, with some offering logical explanations as to why this could not be true, there are others who still believe in it and are spreading the message. 

To further investigate the validity of such claims, it is important to understand the history of Roobet and the industry it serves. Founded back in 2019, Roobet is an online casino company based in Curaçao and licensed by the government there. 

As such, many experts agree that if this were truly a case of human trafficking, then Roobet would not be able to receive its license due to its stringent laws surrounding slavery and exploitation located within the Caribbean island state. So what’s the truth?

American Woman Missing In 2011 Was The Masked Woman: Users Claim

The recent conspiracy theory on TikTok that suggests that Roobet, an online casino, is involved in human trafficking has been causing a stir. The videos were posted by @tythecrazyguy alleging the use of “slaves” as online dealers for their services and it quickly spread throughout the platform. This claim has left many people confused and wondering; does Roobet do human trafficking?

The Roobet Human Trafficking Conspiracy Theory has been going viral on TikTok, with over 1.1 million views of the video posted by popular TikTok user @tythecracyguy who has more than 3.3 million followers. 

Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?
Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?

In the video, the Roobet website, which is blocked for users in the US, shows female dealers who look “suspiciously” exhausted and some of whom struggle to keep their eyes open while dealing, according to a video shared by @tythecrazyguy.

This led to suspicions that one of the masked women featured in a video posted by @karlapeoples101 might actually be Lauren Spierer, a 20-year-old American woman who went missing from Bloomington, Indiana nine years ago in 2011.

This also led many commenters to assume that the women were either being abused or drugged. Others asserted that they were just overworked since the internet is operational around-the-clock or that there is little opportunity for human interaction, which makes them bored or exhausted.

Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?
Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?

Then, @tythecrazyguy posted a clip of one of the women fainting live on camera. However, what he claims was “offsetting” about the incident was that soon after the dealer passed out, three men arrived and carried her away from the camera while she was still seated in her chair. 

This fueled rumors that the dealer may have been tied to the chair and the women were being forced to work against their will leading to the controversy that Roobet may be involved in human trafficking.

So Are The Rumors Actually True?

Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?
Does Roobet Do Human Trafficking?

In reality, the videos mentioned in the conspiracy theory are actually produced by Evolution Gaming – the world’s largest provider of live gambling services – and not by Roobet themselves. U.S. users being blocked from Roobet would also likely have more to do with U.S. gambling laws than any nefarious activity taking place on their end; many countries worldwide restrict access to online gambling sites for their citizens due to legal reasons or otherwise. 

Also, at the end of his video, @tythecrazyguy adds a disclaimer claiming he does not endorse the conspiracy theory despite presenting much of the information as plausible; thus it is important to take what he claims with a grain of salt until further proof emerges regarding any potential wrongdoing by Roobet or their partners in relation to human trafficking activities. 

It’s also worth noting that neither Roobet nor Evolution Gaming have commented publicly on these allegations at this time – meaning they could still turn out to be false rumors or exaggerated claims made without sufficient evidence backing them up. 

Some users also commented:

“This actually looks like something that needs to be investigated”

“Maybe it’s banned in the US so no one can recognize the missing girls”

Additionally, in one version of the video, the woman is seen being dragged by some men along with the chair, while in another version, she is being carried without the chair. This has aroused suspicion further of whether the video is actually genuine or not. 

All in all, this isn’t the first time a website has become a target of human trafficking conspiracy. An online retailer site Wayfair faced a similar accusation when some overly priced furniture on its website was listed under names that were identical to women who went missing a while back.

In the end, truth or not, the controversy created quite a stir that even Google autocomplete started suggesting “Roobet trafficking” and “Roobet conspiracy” after just typing the word “Roobet” in the search bar. However, this didn’t stop people from using online gambling sites like Roobet.

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