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How To Deposit Money Into Roobet – Complete Tutorial

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How To Deposit Money Into Roobet
How To Deposit Money Into Roobet

Do you want to play your favorite casino games but don’t want to risk too much money? Look no further than Roobet. Read this tutorial on how to deposit money into Roobet and start winning!

At Roobet casino, you can deposit as little as $1 and start playing right away. Only cryptocurrency is accepted as a form of payment for deposits into Roobet, and the same is for transferring your winnings.

This makes it the perfect place for beginners or those who just want to have some fun without risking a lot of cash. Play your favorite casino games and slots anytime and anywhere.

Roobet offers a variety of bonuses and promotions to help you win big. Plus, there are tons of great games to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. If you want to know how to deposit money into Roobet, follow this blog post for a complete tutorial on the same.

What Money Does Roobet Use?

Roobet only accepts three cryptocurrencies as payment: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. While this may seem like a limited selection, it’s actually quite convenient for those who use cryptocurrency regularly. 

The company does not accept any other form of currency, including fiat currencies like the US dollar or the Euro.

This is because Roobet exclusively accepts cryptocurrencies, which enables them to become a completely decentralized platform. Additionally, by exclusively accepting cryptocurrencies, Roobet can avoid the exorbitant processing costs associated with payments made in fiat money.

Bitcoin is the most well-known and widely used cryptocurrency, so it’s likely that most people who want to play at Roobet already have some Bitcoin in their digital wallets. 

Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin but with faster transaction times, making it ideal for online gaming. 

Ethereum is a newer cryptocurrency that has gained popularity due to its smart contract technology.

For those who are familiar with cryptocurrencies, Roobet’s payment procedure is generally simple and user-friendly.

Any cryptocurrency deposited with Roobet is instantly converted to Roollions, Roobet’s own currency. When placing a wager and cashing out winnings on Roobet, players do so in Roollions only, which are then converted back to cryptocurrency. A deposit or withdrawal of one Roolion is equal to one dollar’s worth of cryptocurrency.

How To Deposit Money Into Roobet – Detailed Guide

Deposit Money Into Roobet From Coinbase

Presuming you have a Coinbase account and some BTC or ETH in it, you can follow these steps to deposit money into your Roobet account:

  1. On Coinbase, click on the portfolio and scroll down till you see your assets. 
  1. Now you have to click on Bitcoin and it will take you to your bitcoin wallet on the right-hand side where you will see a Send and Receive tab. Click on it.
Coinbase Assets tab
Coinbase Assets tab
  1. Go to your Roobet account, and click on the ‘Deposit’ tab. Your wallet window will open. Copy the bitcoin address.
copy bitcoin address from deposit tab on Roobet
Copy Bitcoin Address from Deposit tab on Roobet
  1. Now head over to your Coinbase account where the Send and Receive tab is open and paste the address copied from Roobet there.
  1. Mention the amount of BTC that you want to transfer to Roobet. Make sure the transaction is set on One Time Purchase so that it doesn’t happen automatically again.
send bitcoin from coinbase to Roobet
Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to Roobet
  1. Once you’ve confirmed the details, click on ‘Send’ to initiate the deposit.
  1. You will see a confirmation on the screen. Click on ‘Send Now’. 
transfer money from Coinbase to Roobet
Send Now tab
  1. Go to your Roobet account and keep an eye on the notifications. Since Roobet has instant funding, you will receive your funds after just one confirmation. 

Keep in mind that Roobet has its own currency to use on its platform called Roollions. So any amount deposited will automatically convert into Roollions. The value of 1 Roollion is equal to $1 worth of cryptocurrency deposited in it. A similar case is there for withdrawing the funds.

How To Buy And Deposit Bitcoins In Roobet Using Cash App?

Wanna know how to buy Bitcoins for Roobet and deposit the same using Cash App? Then follow the steps outlined below:

1. Install the Cash App on your device from Google Play Store, Apple Store, or by heading over to Cash App official website

2. Create an account and register yourself on the app.

3. Next, you will be asked to enable Withdrawals and Deposits. Tap on it.

4. Now, to buy bitcoin, in the Investing tab, select the Bitcoin tab.

Bitcoin tab in cash app
Bitcoin tab in Cash App

5. You have to now specify the frequency of purchase. Set it to One Time Purchase (You can always change to other options).

How To Transfer Money From Coinbase To Roobet using cash app
How To Transfer Money From Coinbase To Roobet Using Cash App

6. Enter the purchase amount and check all the details like exchange rate and network fee charged. Click on Confirm.

How To Transfer Money From Coinbase To Roobet using cash app
Confirm your purchase

7. You will be asked to verify yourself (typically through State ID) depending on your location and/or size of the transaction. This step is essential to ensure the smooth processing of all future transactions. Click on Continue.

8. You will receive a confirmation email once your transaction has been processed and BTC is in your Cash app.

9. Now you have to send the BTC to your Roobet account. Click on Send Bitcoin on the Cash app. Now go to your Roobet account and click on the deposit tab.

Copy bitcoin address from Roobet
Bitcoin Address on Roobet

10. Then, copy the bitcoin address from that page, put it into the Cash app’s send screen, and hit send. Within a few minutes, your bitcoin will be deposited into your Roobet account.

Summing Up

This is how you can deposit Bitcoin from your Roobet cash app. Make sure to only move little amounts at a time to avoid verification. To deposit your Bitcoin more quickly, you can alternatively do so by scanning the Roobet website’s QR code.

Although adding funds to your Roobet account might initially seem difficult, it is really rather straightforward. All you have to do is adhere to the simple instructions in this article on How To Deposit Money Into Roobet and you will be able to start playing with your deposited funds in no time. 

Have you tried depositing money into your Roobet account yet? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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