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Paula Quinon

Technical Writer, Specialized in research in computer science and software industry

As a researcher and concept engineer, Paula’s work centers around the analysis of natural numbers, quantifiers, and computability. Her work combines theoretical and experimental approaches to work, including the study of formal aspects of axiomatic arithmetics, exploration of conceptual problems in the definition of numbers, and design of mathematical models of number cognition.

Paula is also focused on developing cognitive models that can aid humans in learning numerical concepts and applying these findings to projects in early math education. Furthermore, she views coding as a means of promoting integration among disadvantaged members of society.

In addition to her work in mathematics, Paula also analyzes big data in the gaming industry and social media, specifically within the realm of online dating services. She serves as an artist-in-residence at the Lund University Cognitive Robotics Lab, where she designs interfaces for the #Epitherobot. Additionally, she is involved in a variety of artistic and educational projects that incorporate logical and mathematical concepts in creative thinking.

Paula also has a keen interest in the productivity chains of academic work, including strategies for paper and grant proposal writing, editorial processes, scientific communication, and time management for both individuals and projects.